Moulding Service has made quality its working philosophy over the years.

Quality is our essence, it reflects our constant striving to be, in our sector, an excellence in certification and attention to quality.

All those companies who seek practical solutions, and who place product quality as a top priority, are our best customers.

Our strength lies in our customer service. We do not simply supply final moulded products, but offer comprehensive service and continuous support, including after-sales service.

Quality certification is a crucial element in this commitment.

Moulding Service is committed to ensuring compliance with the most stringent regulations, through the implementation of forming jigs and control templates to achieve uniform dimensions.

We subject our products to systematic checks during the machining process and adhere to all tests defined in the specifications set by the customer.

This certified approach not only ensures the quality of our products, but also emphasises our commitment to providing reliable and durable solutions, consolidating our customers’ trust in our brand over the long term.

We have obtained the ‘Remade in Italy’ certification for some of our plastics, this demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and excellence, guaranteeing products of high quality and Italian origin. We are therefore able to support our customers in obtaining this certification for their moulded products with us as well.