About us

Moulding Service, founded in 1999 by a group of partners with over thirty years of experience in the rotational moulding sector, stands out as a dynamic and innovative company. The birth of this company was inspired by the brilliant intuition to combine highly qualified technical skills with a deep knowledge in the field of plastics production through rotational moulding.

Specialising in the application of advanced rotational moulding techniques, we are committed to the core principles of quality and personalised service.

Our team of professionals is passionately dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions, ensuring that every step of the production process meets the highest standards.

Our company is distinguished by its ability to adapt quickly to market developments, embracing innovation and adopting cutting-edge technology in the field of rotational moulding.

Moulding Service’s modern production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, so we can guarantee operational efficiency and precision in detail.

Moulding Service is committed to exceeding customer expectations, offering customised solutions that stand out for the quality of the finished products.

The company philosophy is based on excellence, transparency and the creation of lasting partnerships with customers. With a strong work ethic and an unwavering dedication to innovation, Moulding Service establishes itself as an industry leader, contributing to the progress and success of its customers through consultancy; in fact, we are able to offer customised rotational moulding solutions.

Disclosure requirements for public disbursements: State aid and de minimis aid received by our company are contained in the National Register of State Aid referred to in Article 52 of Law 234/2012 and can be consulted at the following link, by entering the following search key in the field tax code 03639790363


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